About the NCDTF

The Northern Colorado Drug Task Force (NCDTF) utilizes a “best practices” approach to substance abuse issues and, in-turn, positively impacts the quality of life in Larimer County. This includes assisting all law enforcement agencies who operate in Larimer County with any drug-related enforcement. Additionally, the NCDTF provides training for law enforcement officers and community education on both licit and illegal drug abuse.

The Northern Colorado Drug Task Force main goals are:methlab-rh

  • Target, investigate, arrest, and prosecute mid to upper-level drug dealers and drug trafficking organizations.
  • Support Larimer County law enforcement agencies addressing “street level” drug issues.
  • Partner with and educate members of the community about substance abuse issues and work together to identify community-based solutions.
  • Team with citizen, business, civic, and other regional groups to incorporate sustained solutions to the illegal drug situation.

In order to be truly successful in any law enforcement activity, the support and assistance of the general public is essential. Community members are encouraged to contact the NCDTF at (970) 416-2560 with information. All calls will be kept confidential.

Photo Courtesy Eric Bellamy/
Loveland-Reporter Herald